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Disciples Project hopes the  below list of YouTube videos will be a blessing to you. However, approval of these videos should not be regarded as a blanket endorsement to all It's Church Life has in videos, has written, believes, teaches and/or supports.


All views (beliefs, opinions) stated in the following videos, including those pertaining to Paul and his teachings, are not necessarily those held by Disciples Project.

Disciples Project does not endorse (support or approve) products advertised in these videos



Recently Added Videos
Don't Be Overly Nice!!!
If God Has Called You To Be A Leader, Expect These 4 Things To Happen!!!
It's Just a Test...Remain Faithful Under Pressure!!!
Videos in Alphabetical Order
4 Things Gods Chosen Will Experience!!!
5 Signs God Called You To Be A Leader!!!
Allow Gods Word To Marinate In Your Heart!!!
Appreciate What God Has Given You!!!
Be Careful What You Watch And Listen To!!!
Be Careful Who You Tell Your Business To!!!
BE OBEDIENT TO GOD | Powerful Motivational Speech!!
Be Slow To Anger!!!
Because Of The God We Serve!!!
Because Of Who You're Connected To!!!
Becoming Who God Created You To Be!!!
Believe In The Vision That God Has Given You!!!
Built Upon Solid Ground!!!
Came To Far To Turn Around Now!!!
Character Development!!!
Cherish Those Who Love You!!!
Choose Life Over Death!!!
Dear Heavenly Father!!!
Don't Fall For The Trap!!!
Don't Forget Why You Believe!!!
Don't Go Back!!!
Don't Harden Your Heart!!!
Don't Let The Enemy Still Your Peace!!!
Don't Listen To The Enemy Lies!!!
Don't Live in Regret!!!
Don't Run Out Of Time!!!
Don't Quit Today Because The Heavenly Father Is Working On Your Behalf!!!
Don't Sabotage Your Opportunity
Don't Take Shortcuts Through Life!!!
Finish The Race Of Faith My Brother And Sister In Christ!!!
Focus On Lord Jesus Not The World!!!
From Lost To Victory!!!
God Has Done A New Thing!!!
God Hasn't Forgotten About You!!!
God Is More Then The World Against Us!!!
God Knows And He See You!!!
God Revealed This To Me About Technology!!!
God Saw It!!!
God Timing Is Perfect!!!
God Will Bless Your Faithfulness!!!
God Will Help You Through The Storm!!!
God Will Protect Your Heart!!!
God Will Reveal Who You Are!!!
Grace and Mercy
Hold Your Peace
Honor Upholds The Humble!!!
I Lost A Battle Today!!!
I Pray You Find Peace With God!!!
I Saw A Dark Spirit!!!
ICU / Life Support!!!
It Gets Better Later!!!
It's A Personal Relationship!!!
It's Time To Detoxify Your Life!!!
It's Time To Let Go!!!
It's Time To Let God!!!
It's What We Carry!!!
Keep Believing God No Matter What They Say!!!!
Keep Fighting The Good Fight Of Faith!!!
Keep The Faith!!!
Keep The Lord In Your Heart At All Times!!!
Keep Your Mind-Set On The Heavenly Father!!!
Let This Be So!!!
Let's Pray About Everything!!!
Let's Pray In These Dark Times!!!
Make Peace With Your Past!!!
New Creature In Christ
No Shortcuts!!!
On The Outside Looking In!!!
Out Growing Space | New Beginnings
Overcome The Enemy Through Prayer!!!
Pay Attention To The Signs!!! The 2nd Coming Of Jesus Draws Near!!!
Peace Be Still!!!
Picture Of Love!! Powerful Motivational Speech.
Please Don't Give Up!!!

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