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A & Ω Productions

Disciples Project hopes the  below list of YouTube videos will be a blessing to you. However, approval of these videos should not be regarded as a  blanket endorsement to all those affiliated with "A & Ω Productions" have in videos, have written, believes, teaches and/or supports.


All views (beliefs, opinions) stated in the following videos, including those pertaining to Paul and his teachings, are not necessarily those held by Disciples Project.

Disciples Project does not endorse (support or approve) products advertised in these videos


Recently Added Videos

This "NWO CONTROL SYSTEM" Is Nothing Compared to What Will Happen Within 2 Years.. Unless We Pray!!
When This Happens ... It's The Start Of TRIBULATION!! Third Temple Prophecy - April 2024

The Battle That Rages For Your Mind 2023 || The Devil Knows His Time Is Short

These People Are Trying to Become God's & Gain Immortality || TRANSHUMANISM

SATANS PLAN TO KILL GOD 2024 & BEYOND.. || The Hidden Agenda Behind CERN, AI, Aliens & Transhumanism

Videos in Alphabetical Order

A Church that Send People to Hell! - URGENT WARNING - David Wilkerson

Am I Truly Born Again? - 4 Biblical Evidences That You Are New - David Pawson


END TIMES Curse of the Dead Sea has Ended! - Ezekiel 47 Prophecy JESUS IS COMING

Everything will Perish - A Wakeup Call To All The World! - Carter Conlon

Few People Understand This: The Narrow Path

Former New Age Practitioner Exposes Aliens, Demons, Spiritism and the Occult

GOD Says There are 7 Events COMING - Are We The Last Generation?

Got Tears in my Eyes Hearing This: True vs. False Repentance Easily Explained - Derek Prince

Jesus Spoke About This Age of Deceit

Judgment is Coming - As In The Days of NOAH - Carter Conlon

Millions of Christians Live Under This DECEPTION: Are You One Of Them?

Must Watch! "If God is all Powerful & Loving Why Do Evil Exist"? - Voddie Baucham

Scientist and the Elite Try to Hide What Really Happened at CERN, Demonic Entities, Extra Dimensions

Scientists At CERN Won't Admit It.. | When Science Fiction is No Longer Science Fiction!

[SHOCKING} These 3 Spirits Has Now Returned To America | Dark Trinity of Baal, Ashtaroth & Molech

The Constant Battle For Your Mind - It's Time to Throw Out The Devil!

The Most EPIC Bible Reading you will Ever Hear Reciting only Scripture // John Piper

The Last Days Image of Christ 2021 | Carter Conlon

The Problem With Modern Day Christianity

The Shocking Meaning of PSALM 23 That Many People Overlook

The  Warnings Have NOW Become Reality 2022 - We Will NOT Bow Down | Carter Conion

These Strange Things Are Happening Worldwide While You Are Quarantined.. 2020 PROPHETIC TIMES

This is Why Jesus is Called the Alpha & Omega, The Beginning & End!

This will Blow Your Mind: Where is SATAN'S Headquarters in today's WORLD? David Pawson

UPSIDE DOWN World Order: The WOLF is at the DOOR - APOSTASY ᴴᴰ

We are in the End of this Era, As in the Days of NOAH // Are You On Board? Get On Board!
We Are Literally Living Through END TIME Prophecies 2020 - "The Abraham Accord"

We Have Underestimated Satan: A Urgent Warning To All Churches of this Earth!

We Will NOT Bow Down - The Beast System Is Taking Form

What Is Your Life? Powerful Sermon - L.Ravenhill

Why Do Preachers Lie to You! False Gospel 2019

You will never speak bad words again after watching this! The Power of Words are HUGE

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