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A & Ω Productions

Disciples Project hopes the  below list of YouTube videos will be a blessing to you. However, approval of these videos should not be regarded as a  blanket endorsement to all those affiliated with "A & Ω Productions" have in videos, have written, believes, teaches and/or supports.


All views stated in the following videos, including those pertaining to Paul and his teachings, are not necessarily those held by Disciples Project.


Recently Added Videos

[SHOCKING} These 3 Spirits Has Now Returned To America | Dark Trinity of Baal, Ashtaroth & Molech
Scientists At CERN Won't Admit It.. | When Science Fiction is No Longer Science Fiction!
The Shocking Meaning of PSALM 23 That Many People Overlook
The  Warnings Have NOW Become Reality 2022 - We Will NOT Bow Down | Carter Conion
We Will NOT Bow Down - The Beast System Is Taking Form

Videos in Alphabetical Order

A Church that Send People to Hell! - URGENT WARNING - David Wilkerson
Am I Truly Born Again? - 4 Biblical Evidences That You Are New - David Pawson
END TIMES Curse of the Dead Sea has Ended! - Ezekiel 47 Prophecy JESUS IS COMING
Everything will Perish - A Wakeup Call To All The World! - Carter Conlon
Few People Understand This: The Narrow Path
Former New Age Practitioner Exposes Aliens, Demons, Spiritism and the Occult
GOD Says There are 7 Events COMING - Are We The Last Generation?
Got Tears in my Eyes Hearing This: True vs. False Repentance Easily Explained - Derek Prince
Jesus Spoke About This Age of Deceit
Judgment is Coming - As In The Days of NOAH - Carter Conlon
Millions of Christians Live Under This DECEPTION: Are You One Of Them?
Must Watch! "If God is all Powerful & Loving Why Do Evil Exist"? - Voddie Baucham
Scientist and the Elite Try to Hide What Really Happened at CERN, Demonic Entities, Extra Dimensions
The Constant Battle For Your Mind - It's Time to Throw Out The Devil!
The Most EPIC Bible Reading you will Ever Hear Reciting only Scripture // John Piper
The Last Days Image of Christ 2021 | Carter Conlon
The Problem With Modern Day Christianity
These Strange Things Are Happening Worldwide While You Are Quarantined.. 2020 PROPHETIC TIMES
This is Why Jesus is Called the Alpha & Omega, The Beginning & End!
This will Blow Your Mind: Where is SATAN'S Headquarters in today's WORLD? David Pawson
UPSIDE DOWN World Order: The WOLF is at the DOOR - APOSTASY ᴴᴰ
We are in the End of this Era, As in the Days of NOAH // Are You On Board? Get On Board!
We Are Literally Living Through END TIME Prophecies 2020 - "The Abraham Accord"
We Have Underestimated Satan: A Urgent Warning To All Churches of this Earth!
What Is Your Life? Powerful Sermon - L.Ravenhill
Why Do Preachers Lie to You! False Gospel 2019
You will never speak bad words again after watching this! The Power of Words are HUGE

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