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 Part 1


For a number of years I’ve raised an occasional eyebrow to some of Paul’s teachings; but I never took the time to dig very deep. After all, it was the “Apostle” Paul.  The man noted for writing the lion’s share of the New Testament. The man quoted more often than Jesus, from the gospel accounts. But the more I read, the more I started to question. Than beginning in August of 2010, after I had prayed for truth and revelation, my eyes were opened.


The following is my attempt to gather all I have been shown into one location. Most of the information presented is taken from my journals and personal studies. I’ve included very little commentary. I prefer to allow the scriptures to speak for themselves.


I feel that I’ve been shown these things primarily to bring me back to Christ Jesus, the Word of God, who spoke the Words of God. It is on the Words of Christ Jesus that we will stand or fall, not on Paul’s words or any one else’s.


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Over the years, I have wondered why the various denominations differ so dramatically in doctrinal beliefs. Basic Christian doctrine generally teaches Jesus came to save us. He died on the cross to save us from our sins and to give us eternal life. Then the question becomes, “What do we do now?” It is at this point various denominations take divergent paths.

 Some teach, “Once saved always saved.” They hold to the belief that once you declare Jesus as your personal savior and Lord, you have a free ticket to heaven no matter what future sins you may commit. One group teaches that if you just believe Jesus died on the cross for you, you are now free to carry on as you please. Still others adhere to belief in God’s commandments and try to live accordingly. Another group proclaims, “You must be born again.” There are of course multiple variations of these beliefs and a growing list of others. Nevertheless, what does the Word of God have to say? Is there any Biblical truth in the midst of so much confusion? Yes there is!


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Many churches teach to be saved or born again means the same thing. But is that true?

 There are additional questions we also need to ask – for instance:


ü  What does it mean to be “saved?”

ü  What does it mean to be “born again?”

ü  Is it a process or does it happen at once?

ü  How does Jesus Christ fit in this process?

ü  How does this topic apply to me?

ü  Am I already saved?

ü  Am I born again?

ü  If not, do I need to be “saved” and/or “born again?”

ü  How do I get “saved” and/or “born again?”

ü  Is it important that I do so?


This lesson will address, in great detail, the Biblical meaning and usage of these key words: “Save”, “Saved”, “Salvation”, “Savior”, “Born” and “Again.” Each word will be studied separately.

 Since the King James Version translated the same Greek word by using various English words; I will also include these words and there associated Bible passages to give a fuller meaning of the key word.

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I believe many have been told that their pastor, or other religious leader, is their “spiritual covering.” I have heard more than one televangelist say so over the past few years. However, in my search, I did not find one verse that supports this claim.

 Webster’s Dictionary partially defines “cover” as, 1) to extend over; 2) to clothe; 3) to deal with or provide for. 4) To insure against risk or loss. 5) To shelter; protect.

Now what does the Word of God have to say on this subject.

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