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Prophecy in the News

Disciples Project hopes these articles will be a blessing to you. However, approval of these articles should not be regarded as a blanket endorsement to all an author has written, believes, teaches and/or supports.


All views stated in the following videos, including those pertaining to Paul and his teachings,

are not necessarily those held by Disciples Project.

Do Bluetooth Headphones Cause Brain Tumors? ľ Get The Facts! - radiationhealthrisks.com
Over 30,000 scientists say 'Catastrophic Man-Made Global Warming' is a complete hoax and science lie - by Daniel Barker, Natural News
Apple's new iPhones to come with built-in 5G transmitters... AVOID all Apple products or be irradiated - by S.D. Wells, Natural News
  Health & GMOs
Murder of humans is MURDER ľ regardless of who the psychopaths use as the ôscapegoatö ľ Blacks, Jews, or newborn babies - S.D.Wells, Natural News
Six pharmaceutical medicines that instantly make your health WORSE - S.D.Wells, Natural News
Why the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons is strongly opposed to mandatory vaccines - Tracey Watson, Natural News
Chemotherapy found to SPREAD cancer throughout the body, warn scientists - Amy Goodrich, Natural News
Losartan recall: Popular blood pressure medicine joins ongoing recall for potential cancer risk - By Jacqueline Howard, CNN
Scientists warn that 5G tech found in WiFi street lamps is causing insomnia, nosebleeds, and stillbirths - Vicki Bates, Natural News
Chemotherapy found to SPREAD cancer throughout the body, warn scientists - by Amy, Goodrich, Natural News
Chemotherapy May Spread Cancer and Trigger More Aggressive Tumours, Warn Scientists - by DailyHealthPost
Top 8 natural remedies that would end most preventable diseases in America - by S.D. Wells Natural News
1st Genetically 'Edited' Gene Injected into Human - by Leo Hohmann, WND
  Signs Of The Times
Amazon Explains Why Alexa Recorded, Shared Couple's Conversation - by Spencer Soper, MSN News
The truth about the Santa Fe school shooting in Texas (video) - by Mike Adams, Natural News
Robots can now grow human organs - by Joe Kovacs, WND
Roman Empire: Ominous Parallels with Modern America - by Bill Federer, WND
How Google Secretly Records your Private Conversations - Leo Hohmann, WND
What are spirit guides? Should Christians consult spirit guides? - by got Questions?org
Dreams and Visions of Jesus Fueling Muslim Conversions to Christianity - by PNW
Five Differences between Sharia and Old Testament Law - by David Wood
What is ôApocalyptic Islamö and why is it so dangerous? - by Joel C. Rosenberg
The US Government Has Recently Issued Two Alarming Warnings To Prep...But is anybody Listening? - by Daisy Luther,  Alt-Market

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