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The Unseen Realm

Disciples Project hopes the  below list of YouTube videos will be a blessing to you. However, approval of these videos should not be regarded as a blanket endorsement to all Dr. Michael S. Heiser has on YouTube, has written, believes, teaches and/or supports.


All views stated in the following videos, including those pertaining to Paul and his teachings, are not necessarily those held by Disciples Project.




Supernatural Seminar | Dr. Michael Heiser // Session 1
Supernatural Seminar | Dr. Michael Heiser // Session 2
Supernatural Seminar | Dr. Michael Heiser // Session 3
Supernatural Seminar | Dr. Michael Heiser // Session 4
People Don't Need Protection From The Bible - Dr. Michael Heiser | Supernatural // Q&A (Part 1)
Cosmic Geography - Dr. Michael Heiser | Supernatural // Q&A (Part 2)

UNSEEN REALM SEMINAR w/ Dr. Michael S. Heiser

[Pt.1] Supernatural Worldview of the O.T.
[Pt.2] The Three Rebellions and the Fall of Man
[Pt. 3]Jesus, Cosmic Geography, & 2 Powers in Heaven
[P.t 4] Cosmic Geography of the NT - Book of Acts

Gnosticism & Early Christianity by Dr. Michael Heiser

[Pt.1] Understanding the Word View Behind the DaVinci Code

[Pt.2] Manuscripts of the New Testament vs. The Gnostic Gospels from Nag Hammadi
[Pt.3] Were Jesus and Mary Magdalene Married

[Pt. 4] Enlightened Gnostics and Misogynistic Christians:

The New Testament Attitude Towards Women

[Pt. 5] Neither Lord nor Christ?

The Belief in Jesus as God Before Nicea and the Exalted Christ

[Pt. 6] What Really Happened at the Council of Nicea?
[Pt. 7] The Conspiratorial Logic of the DaVinci Code and Jesus Bloodline Theorists
[Pt. 8] From the News Room to the Ivory Tower: Assessing the Gospel of Judas Frenzy

Other Videos by Dr. Michael S. Heiser

Demons and evil spirits in scripture: Dr. Michael Heiser 2019
Unseen Realm - What is the Council of the GODS?- NowYouSeeTV w/ Michael Heiser
Dr. Michael Heiser Phd. ~ The Divine Council 101
REVERSING HERMON - 1 Enoch, the NT, Watchers, Nephilim & Antichrist - Dr. Michael S. Heiser

Michael Heiser - Two Powers of the Godhead -

May 4, 2013

Dr. Michael Heiser Phd. ~ 1st Book of Enoch in the Early Church
Michael Heiser - Responding to Matt Slick about the Divine Council
Utopian Impulse as a Perversion of the Judeo-Christian Worldview- Michael Heiser
Pop Culture as High Priest of the Christian Religous World- Michael Heiser

Michael Heiser - How we got the Old Testament

(Audio only)

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For for much more information, visit Dr. Heiser website at  drmsh.com


























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