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Disciples Project hopes the  below list of YouTube videos will be a blessing to you. However, approval of these videos should not be regarded as a  blanket endorsement to all those affiliated with "NYSTV" have on YouTube, have written, believes, teaches and/or supports.


All views stated in the following videos, including those pertaining to Paul and his teachings, are not necessarily those held by Disciples Project.


Recently Added Videos

Midnight Ride - The Amazing Prophecy of the Book of Enoch w Timothy Alberino
Midnight Ride: 2 Baruch Prophecy of the End - Dark and Light Waters
NYSTV Special: Creator of Light and Darkness- Fear Monger Media
NYSTV Special: The Souls of Giants and their Wizards

Evil Priests and Prophets: They Want Your Soul for the End Time Harvest

The Change in the Law: The New High Priest in Town

Videos in Alphabetical Order

 Documentary of Truth - Biblical Earth Model (2019)

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Dr. Michael Brown and others Jesters to the Synagogue of Satan?
Midnight Ride: 3rd Trumpet & The Curse of Wormwood in 2 Esdras Prophecy
Midnight Ride: Alien Implant Technology Victim Evidence
Midnight Ride: Celebrity Mind Control and World Dominance Agenda
Midnight Ride: Return of the Human Animal Hybrids from Book of Jasher
Midnight Ride: The Five Satans who seek to DESTROY HUMANS and ANGELS
Mother of all Conspiracies: The Space Age Hoodwink
Raising Abaddon (Angel of Death): Knights of the East and West
The Ancient Drag Queen and The Fall of Jerusalem
The Ancient Watchers- The Mystery, Enchantments, Science, Arts, Technology, and The Book of Enoch
The Best Kept Secret of All Ages: Escaping the Judgment of the Magic Circle
The Book of Enoch: Sheol- Where the Dead Await Judgement
The End Times Deception and The Earth According to The Holy Scriptures
The Sabbath Controversy

The Willful King who serves Strange Gods in Bible Prophecy: Iran in Book of Daniel

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What if the Earth is Flat.. Interview with Patriot Watch Media

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