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Motivating U2Win

Disciples Project hopes the  below list of YouTube videos will be a blessing to you. However, approval of these videos should not be regarded as a  blanket endorsement to all Sister Sharon (Motivating U2Win) has on YouTube, has written, believes, teaches and/or supports.


All views stated in the following videos, including those pertaining to Paul and his teachings, are not necessarily those held by Disciples Project.



You Must Give Up Everything to Follow Jesus - MY TESTIMONY

MY TESTIMONY How Jesus Called Me Out of the Organized Church System

5 Reasons Pastors Teach the False Doctrine Once Saved Always Saved

8 Signs You're In a COUNTERFEIT "Christian Church" Gathering

10 Things that Hurt Prophets

12 Reasons God Must Isolate Prophets

25 Signs You're Called as a Prophet of God

A Call of Repentance in the African American Church

AVOID This Characteristic of a Master Manipultor

Because They Desire You Doesn't Mean They Value You!!


BEWARE of Emotional Abusers & Narcissist

BEWARE of The Arrogance of Men

BEWARE of the False Doctrine of "Do Not Forsake the Assembly"

BEWARE of The Ministry of the TARES!!!!

BEWARE of The Rise of The Pied Pipers

Christians and MASTURBATION

DON'T Be Like Humpty Dumpty!!!!!!!

Encouragement for Christians Diagnosed with Incurable Diseases

Five Characteristics of Children of the Devil ACTING Like Christians

Five Reasons Most Church Goers Will Be Going to Hell

Five Signs Your TONGUES Are Not From the Holy Spirit

Five Ways to Know God Has Spoken to You

God NEVER Told You to TRUST Anyone! STOP!!!!

Hell is Waiting for These Ten People.........

How Do You Give Up Everything to Follow Jesus

How God Uses REJECTION to Mature You for Ministry

How to BREAK CURSES Spoken Over Your Life

How to Deal With Ungodly Spouse, Family & Co-Workers

How to Evangelize False Christian Church Goers

How to Handle Evil Family Members & Co Workers

How to Spot a False Christian - Number One Sign!

I Was WRONG!!!!!

Is God Breaking You?

 Money Lines Are SCAMS!!!!!  RUN!!!!!

NAW! I Ain't Got NO Church Home!!!!!!

NEVER Allow These Types of People to Lay Hands On You!!!!

Number One Sign You Are Serving a FAKE Jesus

Seduction of Being a "Nice" Person

Seven Signs You Have an Evil Person In Your Life

Should Christians Have a Pastor or Covering??? False Doctrine of Spiritual Coverings

Somebody Hold Me Back!!!! I'm About to CHOKE This Lady!!!!!

Spiritual Leeches & Parasites -

 5 Ways to Spot Them and Get Rid of Them!!!!

Strategy to Overcome Deep Hurt and Pain

Ten Behaviors of a WICKED Man

Ten Characteristics of a False Follower of Jesus Christ

Ten Things to Expect When God Sets You Apart

That Ain't No Church!!! That's a Clubhouse!!!

That's NOT a Church - That's a BANK!!!

The Price You Will Pay to Answer The Call of God

The REAL Reason Many Harass Others About "Church" Attendance

Those Ray-Ray's Kids!!! 5 SIGNS of False Prophet, Apostle, Pastor, Teacher, Evangelist, Bishops

Three Signs RELIGION Has Got A HOLD on You!

TITHING PART 1 - Ten Reasons Pastors Will Not Stop Teaching this FALSE DOCTRINE

WARNING to ALL Preachers Who Charge Registration Fees for Christian Events

WATCH OUT for the "Church" Ladies!

Watch The Hands!!!!!

What to Do When It Seems Evil People Are Winning Over You

What to Do When Your Spouse or Parents Are Your JUDAS - Five Suggestions

What to REALLY Expect When God Promotes You

Why Followers of Jesus DO NOT Get Along with CHURCH People

Why Followers of Jesus Should NOT Attend "Churches" With ATM Machines In Them!

Why Is the Wilderness So Hard!

Why Many Church Goers Cannot Receive the Holy Spirit

Why Multitudes Do Not Hear the Voice Of God

WOE To Those Who Discourage Women from Preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ

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